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How Long Does An AC Diagnostic Take?

What to Test? How Long Does it Take to Get an AC Diagnosis?

Depending on the setup of your system, the inspection procedure might take up to an hour. You should expect another 30–45 minutes if the refrigerant is required.

The test:

On a hot day, the first phase of air conditioner testing is to switch on your AC unit and leave it functioning for at least 15 minutes. It seems sensible to test performance before the summer heat arrives, but you won’t know how efficient your AC is unless you test it in the right conditions.

  • Step 2: Fix a Thermometer to The Supply Register

As part of the air conditioner efficiency test, place a thermometer on the supply register nearest to your cooling equipment. By placing it on the nearest register, you eliminate the variable of distance traveled while determining whether or not your air conditioner is operating at top efficiency.

  • Step 3: Leave the Thermometer in Position for at Least 5 Minutes Before Removing It

Before interfering with the thermometer, please leave it in the area for at least 5 minutes. You want to allow your air conditioner enough time to warm up before testing its effectiveness, but you also want to know how quickly it can get to work.

  • Step 4: Take Another Reading With the Thermometer at The Return Vent

The size of the return vent is usually greater. This vent draws air from your home and transports it to your AC unit. Hold a piece of paper up to the grates to locate a return vent. You’ve found the appropriate spot if the paper is being dragged toward the vent. Keep the thermometer in this spot for 5 minutes.

How Can You Determine The Efficiency of The Air Conditioner?

If your air conditioner is functioning properly, the air that comes out should be at least fifteen degrees colder than the air circulating in. If you observe that the machine isn’t keeping your house cold enough, you probably have a leakage, or the unit might benefit from a new HVAC filter. You’ll need to peek inside the machine to figure out the problem.

Is Your Air Conditioner Effective in High Temperatures?

The effectiveness of your air conditioner might cause temperature changes in your house. As you finish your air conditioner diagnostic test, remember that Apostolic Heating & Cooling specialists are standing by to assist with the inspection. Contact Centerville’s AC repair specialists at Apostolic Heating & Cooling for monthly maintenance, a tune-up, or a prospective replacement.